Custom Stained Glass Creations by Artisan  Cal Bausman
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As a Stained Glass Artisan and designer, I was introduced to the art of stained glass by my son James Bausman (a very accomplished Hot Glass Artisan). Inspired by the masters such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Henry Greene, and Louis Tiffany, James came into my studio one day with a couple of large boxes containing tools and glass. "Here's something for you to play around with Dad" he said. Well, I did and fell in love with stained glass.

I was thrilled with the concept of taking my designs and working them into a functional living piece of art.

My  goal is to enrich your home or office with the timeless beauy of leaded art glass.

I pride myself on personally creating unique one-of-a-kind, hand crafted leaded art glass with attention to quality and detail for my clients.


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